Design Wish Genie is a remote based Q & A design service in real time.

Do you ever feel stuck when you are trying to make decorating decisions and wished you could have an expert designer "appear" at the exact moment you need to pick a paint color, go furniture shopping, when you want to order the right sofa pillows, or select the perfect size coffee table? You are someone that knows what you like, so you don't want to hire a full service interior designer for a few specific questions. Maybe you just need a little guidance or you are a "do it yourselfer" that needs affirmation.

The great news is that after years of countless inquiries like these within my own full service interior design businss, I can finally help make your design wishes come true.

Thanks to technology, I am able to "appear" anywhere to provide you with my expert design advice.

You can choose Three Wishes and ask specific questions (wishes) via email or text and I grant specific answers within a 15 minute timeframe. Sending photos and videos is encouraged. Or you can choose a Design Wish Genie Magic Carpet Ride, via FaceTime/Skype, with unlimited questions (wishes) for 15 minutes and I provide specific answers.


Some examples of Design Wish Genie wishes may include:

What color should I paint the accent wall in my bedroom?

What size chandelier works for my dining room?

How should I arrange my photos on my wall?

What size rug would be good for my family room?


Now you can stop feeling stuck in decorating when you book your Three Wishes or Magic Carpet Ride TODAY! Scroll down and select the Design Wish Genie service that works best for you.

 I can’t wait to start making your design wishes come true.

Thank you so much!

Yvette Irene
Your Design Wish Genie