Introducing “Rental Rescue” by YI Design!

Everyone wants to feel at home whether they are buying or renting. Buying is a long-term investment, associated with fees including steep down payments or extra dollars for interior and/or exterior renovations. Buying is not always a feasible or affordable option for everyone. Renting is no longer considered taboo. Many opt for renting not due to financial reasons, but to have flexibility in living. Whether it’s for long- or short-term, renters don’t want their rental to feel like a temporary home.
With an increase in the rental market of over 40%, I am very proud to announce that I’m launching a new division of my business, YI Design, featuring an awesome new program called “Rental Rescue.” Tailored to clients renting luxury apartments for approximately one to three year periods, “Rental Rescue” offers value designing that provides fashion, function and lifestyle without breaking the bank. This package is the perfect solution for clients wanting their apartment to feel like home instead of feeling like a rental!
After so many years in business and recognizing trends and needs in the market, opening this new division is beyond exciting for me! Design is my passion and continuing to grow makes me so happy. Keep an eye out for “Rental Rescue” by YI Design! I can’t wait to share this new journey with all of you!