Yvette Irene Celebrates 15 Years In The Design Industry

Yvette Irene

At the beginning of last week, I celebrated the 15th anniversary of owning my own Interior Design business! On September 12, 2001, after the most tragic event in American history, I took a risk that many didn’t believe would be possible. Fifteen years later, my business is alive and thriving. I am so excited for the next phase!

I uploaded a short video to say “thank you” for the support from my family, friends, but a special to “thank you” to my amazing clients for their continued support throughout the years!! Without you, I would have never gotten to the point I am at now and for that I am truly blessed and most grateful.

I’m so excited for the upcoming months! Big things are coming to the business as we look to expand further than ever before. Keep checking back for new updates and my continuing blog here on www.yvetteirene.com.